Human Resources

Sizin İçin Buradayız

Our Human Resources Policy

A Community Built with Our Values

With its Human Resources Policy, our company aims to maximise the potential of its valuable employees and strengthen our corporate culture. With our people-oriented approach, we aim to achieve sustainable success by focusing on the job satisfaction, development and welfare of our employees.

Employee Rights and Justice

We promote ethical rules and fair business practices, ensuring that the fundamental rights of each of our employees are respected. We are empowered by embracing diversity with equal opportunities and fairness.

Development and Training

We offer continuous training and development programmes to support the personal and professional development of our employees. We enable our team members to expand their skill sets and achieve their career goals.

Occupational Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is our priority. By fully complying with occupational health and safety standards, we strive to make our workplaces a safe environment and maximise the welfare of our employees.

Business Ethics and Transparency

We aim to establish a business relationship based on trust by creating a transparent and honest working environment in accordance with business ethics. Transparency, responsibility and open communication form the basis of our values.

Environment and Social Responsibility

By supporting environmentally friendly practices and actively participating in social responsibility projects, we believe that our employees are a force not only in the business world of our company, but also in interacting with society and the environment.

Employee Engagement and Communication

We value the opinions of our employees and encourage participation at all levels by creating open communication channels. By interacting with each other, we work together to achieve common goals.

Our Human Resources policy aims to create a community, not just a workplace. This policy provides a framework to ensure that our employees feel valued and achieve success in co-operation.

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